As an author of many popular books, I have managed to notice that there has been a growing demand for quality literature and new storylines in recent times. India's new generation avidly wants to explore the world around them and books are one source of knowledge. It is good to see that young people are choosing to let enlightenment and morality prevail rather than following base desires and falling into various vices.

And at the moment, Indian society has enough economic and social problems, and partly bad ecology, all these are reflected in the life of Indians and their interests. Some live honestly, working from morning till night, raising children and living a righteous life.

Others stray from the path of honesty and fall into all sorts of scams and machinations, lead loose lives, drink, smoke, forget their purpose, have fights and indecent escapades. Some even fall to the bottom and start to rob, cheat or try to gamble in the hope to improve their financial situation thus driving themselves deeper into financial ruin.

Look at what we have come to, anyone in India with a smartphone can access pin up casino - an online gambling operator where anyone can bet on sports, cricket or play online casino without much difficulty.

Pin up is a new player to the Indian gambling market and has already managed to capture the part of the audience that trusts them and allows themselves to play and bet. Anybody would say it is their own business and they would be right to a certain extent, and I will explain why. A person who decided to try to make money playing casino online and it does not matter pinup or any other operator, gets into a slippery and dangerous let, because as we all know, the casino few can consistently and stably win, statistics say that 75% of players are always in the red and some go so far as to sell everything, lose their families and stay on the street.

However tempting it may be to go and try your hand at gambling, it is better to think carefully, because the risks are enormous, and the benefit is illusory! It is better to go with your family to the cinema or theatre, go on a trip to nature or spend time reading a nice book and enrich your inner world!

I am just about to publish a novel about the journey of a young man named pinup, where the vocal protagonist just succumbed to his vices and began to slowly roll on the bottom. The book is gripping from the first lines and doesn't let go until the finale!