Private Delhi

Private Delhi

Santosh Wagh quit his job as head of Private India after harrowing events in Mumbai almost got him killed. But Jack Morgan, global head of the world’s finest investigation agency, needs him back. Jack is setting up a new office in Delhi, and Santosh is the only person he can trust.
Still battling his demons, Santosh accepts, and it’s not long before the agency takes on a case that could make or break them. Plastic barrels containing dissolved human remains have been found in the basement of a house in an upmarket area of South Delhi. But this isn’t just any house, this property belongs to the state government.
With the crime scene in lockdown and information suppressed by the authorities, delving too deep could make Santosh a target to be eliminated.


“Both authors are known for spinning taut crime thrillers and this instalment doesn't disappoint... a gripping thriller wrought with romance and lust.”

-Times of India

“Human remains found in a barrel in an upmarket area of South Delhi and serial killer on the loose, right in the middle of Delhi’s bustling streets… a return of Jack Morgan in an Indian setting along with the dark and brooding protagonist Santosh Wagh.”

-Hindustan Times

“Private Delhi is the quintessential murder mystery, with a serial killer doing very cruel things, people in high places being even more awful and an underground racket that goes right to the top.”

-The Telegraph

“Dark like a Nordic Noir, Ashwin Sanghi’s second collaboration with James Patterson explores the seamy world of organ trade.”

-The Hindu

“Sanghi and Patterson are good at piling on the suspense and keeping the story moving at a fast clip. The pages go by effortlessly.”

-Deccan Herald

“The second book by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson in the Private India series is a brisk read… an affirmation perhaps of the fact that pulp fiction is never out of vogue.”

-Indian Express

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