The Sialkot Saga

The Sialkot Saga

'When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.'
The trajectories of Arvind and Arbaaz, both ‘businessmen’ of a kind whose lives are unwillingly intertwined, ricochet off one another while they play out their sinister and murderous plots of personal and professional one-upmanship, all the while breaking every rule in the book.
Both are unaware that what they seek and fight over is the very obstacle in realising an ancient secret that dates back to a time long forgotten.
And yet, at the heart of it all, there lies tenderness... and pathos... and blood... and rare moments of an almost exalted happiness. So, can it be that a man is both sinner and saint, victor and victim, black and white?
Ashwin Sanghi, master storyteller and spinner of yarns, weaves together threads of the past and present, fact and fiction, history and mythology, business and politics, love and hatred while dangling you ceaselessly over the cliff with this chilling multi-layered narrative, keeping you guessing till a totally unguessable end.
And you’re left wondering whether it's a matter of faith... or fate?


"A brave new attempt to be the great Indian bestseller, spanning history, secrets and Bollywood tropes."


"The Sialkot Saga moves at a breakneck pace hurtling through time and space uncovering ancient secrets and burying modern ones."

- The Hindu

"There's never a dull moment in the book. In fact, the story takes on such a pace that the overwhelmed reader is compelled to put the book down and take a deep breath on many an occasion."

-Financial Express

"There are books that take time to develop an interest and then there are books that grip you from the very first page. The Sialkot Saga is one such book that hooks you from the start."

- Hindustan Times

"The Sialkot Saga is a heady mix of past and present, fact and fiction, history and mythology and business and politics."

- Marwar

"The book spreads across decades and centuries, till it reaches present day India and will sure have both historic and thriller readers in for a treat."

-Times of India

"Sanghi weaves a masterpiece building up the readers’ involvement in the novel with every turn of the page."

- Pioneer

"Finished The Sialkot Saga in one marathon session. Ashwin has delivered big again... Congratulations. A winner on your hands."

-Ravi Subramanian

"Mixing business with pleasure isn’t always what the doctor orders but Ashwin Sanghi does what he pleases, and he does it well. The Sialkot Saga, is the perfect mix of the businessman in him as well as the storyteller."

-Deccan Chronicle

"Thrilling readers along the way... fact, fiction, action, drama and politics find a place in this gripping historical tale."

- Verve

"Well-researched with a storyline that will have you gripped!"


"I have read Sialkot Saga. And in my opinion, it's my friend Ashwin’s finest yet. Do read it! You'll love it!"

–Amish Tripathi

"What a fine read, The Sialkot Saga! A must for all Ashwin Sanghi fans. Yes, I am one of them."

–Pritish Nandy

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